How can I improve my writing?

Many inspiring writers are put on hold by the fear of writing, thinking that others would criticize them or their writing isn’t good enough. As a result, they take time to put the pen on that paper or others never actually bring their ideas to life. How sad!

The fact is that, writing should not be formulaic. It all boils down to your own voice. How do you intend to express your ideas that your prospective readers would associate with you? So, grab that pen and start writing your ideas down.

How should I start?

There is no formula to help you get started. Good writing is all about getting ideas across in a clear and effective manner. Do not worry about sounding elegant and stylish at first attempt. Many writers are put on hold by the idea of sounding elegant and stylish. The truth is, sounding elegant and stylish takes time and needs a good editor, sometimes multiple editors to polish your work.

Perhaps you want to write a novel and you hesitate because you can’t seem to perfect the characters, point of view, dialogue, etc. As long as you have the idea, that’s what matters! Find yourself a good developmental or structural editor to help you with your project. The developmental editor should be your first go-to helper.

What if I want help with an essay?

Well, essays are bound by ethics and if it is an essay for your school or competition, etc, it will be unethical to find someone to write for you. Get that draft and showcase your skills, expertise, etc, and then get a copy editor to iron out your grammar. Basically, structural editors and stylistic editors are not suitable for academic essays because these professional often edit your work extensively to a point of rewriting problematic sections. Will you be happy with your grades knowing that you have not fully showcased your expertise?

Structural and stylistic editors are ‘advanced editors’ who can take a seemingly complex writing riddled with flow, logic, clarity, and structural issues to make it shine. Self-published authors, in particular, can benefit tremendously from these editors. ESL authors (authors to whom English is a second language) can also benefit significantly from these editors to fix their journal articles, short stories novels, etc.

How can you improve your writing?

It takes time to perfect your writing and find your own voice. However, reading books by other exceptional authors can help you substantially. Visit that library to read some nonfiction or fiction manuscripts to get a glimpse of how other writers construct their ideas, arguments, etc. Read blogs, magazines, newspapers, or any medium to familiarize yourself with their writing styles, conventions, etc. It takes time but with great efforts you can achieve that quickly.

Also, take some online courses in grammar, writing, etc. Some of these courses are free! A good editor can also help you become a better writer.

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A professional text editor renowned for his excellent editorial skills in a broad range of disciplines.

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