Editorial and Publishing Services

Copyediting and Stylistic Editing Services

BK Editorial provides copy editing services for a variety of documents to improve grammar, punctuation, readability, clarity, consistency, and flow in line with copyediting standards defined by Editors Canada. They are highlighted below: Standards for Copy EditingCopy editing is editing to ensure correctness, consistency, accuracy, and completeness.CORRECTNESS1. Address the rules of grammar in written EnglishContinue reading “Copyediting and Stylistic Editing Services”

Proofreading Services

This is the least intensive stage of editing, ideally the final stage after copyediting and structural editing. Note that we will assess your manuscript before offering this service. If we establish that your document has jumped another stage of editing, we will advise you to consider such stage first. It is of no use toContinue reading “Proofreading Services”

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