Getting rid of redundancy in academic writing

Oftentimes, I come across redundant prose which can be de-cluttered if authors strive for economy of writing. That is, every word must be essential in your writing. After writing, I recommend reviewing your work to trim unnecessary words and phrases. In research papers, I have often come across hedge phrases such as “it is reportedContinue reading “Getting rid of redundancy in academic writing”

How can I improve my writing?

Many inspiring writers are put on hold by the fear of writing, thinking that others would criticize them or their writing isn’t good enough. As a result, they take time to put the pen on that paper or others never actually bring their ideas to life. How sad! The fact is that, writing should notContinue reading “How can I improve my writing?”

Preparing your manuscript for the editor

You’ve written your manuscript and you can’t wait to get it published. I can relate to the feeling. However, nothing is more morale-killing than a book riddled with grammatical errors because it will repel readers and taint your reputation as an aspiring author. Hence, you need the second pair of eyes: the best editor. IsContinue reading “Preparing your manuscript for the editor”

Copyediting and Stylistic Editing Services

BK Editorial provides copy editing services for a variety of documents to improve grammar, punctuation, readability, clarity, consistency, and flow in line with copyediting standards defined by Editors Canada. They are highlighted below: Standards for Copy EditingCopy editing is editing to ensure correctness, consistency, accuracy, and completeness.CORRECTNESS1. Address the rules of grammar in written EnglishContinue reading “Copyediting and Stylistic Editing Services”

Substantive/Structural Editing Services

Do you want assistance to restructure your journal article according to IMRaD format or a customized format of your target publication? Do you need help with your fiction document? This service is suitable for you. Note that due to ethical reasons, this service cannot be offered to academic documents designed to assess students. These includeContinue reading “Substantive/Structural Editing Services”

Proofreading Services

This is the least intensive stage of editing, ideally the final stage after copyediting and structural editing. Note that we will assess your manuscript before offering this service. If we establish that your document has jumped another stage of editing, we will advise you to consider such stage first. It is of no use toContinue reading “Proofreading Services”