Khomotso – The Professional Editor

Khomotso Leshaba

Professional Copy Editor

I am a professional copy editor with over 10 years of experience particularly in non-fiction. I help authors refine their prose to impress their target publications and their target audience. I have worked with many renowned institutions such as Cactus Communications in India, SANTS Higher Education Institution in South Africa and the University of South Africa. Add to this list a countless number of private clients.

I am affiliated with European Association of Science Editors and Professional Editors Guild in South Africa.

Among manuscripts I refine are postgraduate dissertations, theses, research proposals, academic essays, corporate reports, and journal articles. I walk with you throughout the journey until your manuscript is 100% done.

I am a trained copy editor by the University of Pretoria where I completed an honors certificate in Editing: Principles and Practice and by the Publishing Training Centre in the UK where I pursued Essential Copy Editing. I continue refining my skills through workshops provided by my aforementioned professional organizations.

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  • copy editing and proofreading
  • structural editing
  • plain language editing
  • technical editing
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