Preparing your manuscript for the editor

You’ve written your manuscript and you can’t wait to get it published. I can relate to the feeling. However, nothing is more morale-killing than a book riddled with grammatical errors because it will repel readers and taint your reputation as an aspiring author. Hence, you need the second pair of eyes: the best editor.

Is the editor necessary? You ask!

Many authors are not well-informed about the editorial interventions that we, editors, do on their manuscripts. For this reason, they seldom value or negate the need for editors.

Editors are important! But… do authors with a great command of grammar really need editors? You don’t think so, right? Well, I’m of a different view… First, we have different editing levels: structural editing, stylistic editing, copy editing, line editing, etc… Check our services page to grasp different levels of editing.

How do you then know which editing levels are appropriate for your manuscript?

Without a solid grasp of what each level entails it’s hard to choose. But all not lost, ok! Perhaps one of the most assurances that you’re dealing with a legit editor is how they quote you. Ideally, an editor will want to see your sample to gauge the complexity of your writing. The editor will help you select the best manuscript editing service, whether for fiction or nonfiction.

Hold on…one might say I don’t want my writing style changed… Yes, you’re right. We also tread carefully with caution not to alter your voice, let alone your meaning!

Structural or developmental editing, in particular, is intensive and so the editor might have to do lots of rewriting in your manuscript depending on how complex you writing is. The best caution the editor can take is the consultation with you the author. The editor has to recommend the changes. If you do not agree with any then you can flag that.

What happens if the editor has done a crappy job after you’ve paid them handsomely?

First, is your editor affiliated with any organization? It is important to check if the editor is a member any of the professional organizations. This gives the assurance of adherence to ethical standards held by the organizations. You can also lodge a complaint and other professionals can look into that and find the best possible solution.

Uhm… I’ll say a lot later. For now, grab that pen and jot down the outline of your manuscript. hang on, if you have written some documents already, don’t hesitate to send us that email to get affordable editorial services. For your scientific editing service needs, we are here… 24/7!!!

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A professional text editor renowned for his excellent editorial skills in a broad range of disciplines.

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